It is possible to use ImageMagick with Ionic 2?
Or is there another Lib equal to ImageMagick?

My need is for an image control, including text on a photo, logo, crop, size, then save or share.


Hi Niton,

Happy New Year.
Wanted to find out if you got an answer to your questions. Looking to use ImageMagick for a project as well.



See here.


Rappropos: Thank you for helping.

Sedusa: Nothing yet. “But”…

My post will start in July 2016. Since then I’ve been looking for some solution to my problem. I imagined something using the Screenshot plugin, but I gave up. After much searching on the subject, I developed something using HTML 5 canvas. I do not know if I’m going to have performance issues. But it has proved to be very useful: I can include photos, cut photos, add texts, enlarge text, change text color or be much of what I wanted as if it were an Adobe Photoshop (kkk). I’m currently saving on the device with this plugin> Base64 To Gallery Link. Only I’m facing a problem to save on a Galaxy S6, in an Asus Phone pad everything works a wonder.