Image transition animation in ionic3


I need to know how to do this type of animation in ionic 3 ? Any suggestion thanks…

are you ok with the css3 part? if so, there wouldn’t be much hard work to do
just use the [ngStyle] directive on our element and bind its css transition values to some variable in your component.ts file
for example here im handling elements background dynamically

<div class="news_img" [ngStyle]="{'background': user_news[i].ImgUrl ? 'url(' +  user_news[i].ImgUrl + ') no-repeat center/cover' : 'url( http://www.myurl/' +  user_news[i].SourcePicFileName + ') no-repeat center/cover'}" (click)="toggleDetailedNews(i)"></div>

you got it ? I want to do it