Image displaying issue with ng-repeat


After trying to debug using ADT (Eclipse) I have found this guide

and enabled debugging with Chrome web tools. So simple!
You just configure your app to be debuggable by setting a flag in the AndroidManifest.xml file


then run your app (ionic run android) go to Chrome, navigate to chrome://inspect and select your webview in the list. Done! The issue was obviously stupid (a simple uppercase/lowercase mistake) that worked on desktop but not on devices. Thanks to Google Chrome we have a simple and powerful way to debug webviews embedded in native apps :slight_smile:

Thanks for your support, really appreciated


I found that concerning the images :

 config(['$compileProvider', function($compileProvider) {



i have the same problem. I have a ng-repeat inside other ng-repeat. I set and no images are showed in the browser (i’m develeping debbuging in the browser).

I have set:

but, there is no images, no console errores, and nothing happens.


<img ng-src="{{u}}" height="22">


$scope.u = function(){
return “img/image.gif”;

I was facing the same problem.
I simply used src insted of ng-src.
Edit your line as
<img style="width: 100%" src='img/{{index.supportIndexDetailImg}}.png' >

This worked for me.
Images are visible in simulator as well as real device.

how to display capture image via if i have a image path like that file:///data/data/com.ionicframework.camerapic585683/files/1487657147153.jpg