I'm getting White screen after spash on real device (Android 4.4.4)


I’m getting white screen on the real device and not in emulator or the browser

Works :
$ ionic cordova run android
$ ionic cordova run browser

What doesn’t:
$ ionic cordova build android

here is the source


Remote inspect your device with Chrome and see what errors that might be thrown.

not what you suggested but some of light:

$ ./adb logcat | grep cordova
I/dalvikvm(12053): Could not find method android.app.Activity.checkSelfPermission, referenced from method org.apache.cordova.CordovaInterfaceImpl.hasPermission
I/dalvikvm(12053): Could not find method android.app.Activity.requestPermissions, referenced from method org.apache.cordova.CordovaInterfaceImpl.requestPermissions
I/dalvikvm(12053): Could not find method android.webkit.CookieManager.setAcceptThirdPartyCookies, referenced from method org.apache.cordova.engine.SystemCookieManager.<init>
I/dalvikvm(12053): Could not find method android.webkit.CookieManager.flush, referenced from method org.apache.cordova.engine.SystemCookieManager.flush
I/dalvikvm(12053): Could not find method android.webkit.WebViewClient.onReceivedClientCertRequest, referenced from method org.apache.cordova.engine.SystemWebViewClient.onReceivedClientCertRequest
I/dalvikvm(12053): Could not find method android.webkit.PermissionRequest.getResources, referenced from method org.apache.cordova.engine.SystemWebChromeClient.onPermissionRequest
I/dalvikvm(12053): Could not find method android.webkit.WebChromeClient$FileChooserParams.createIntent, referenced from method org.apache.cordova.engine.SystemWebChromeClient.onShowFileChooser

Android SDK is in path from 4.4.4 to 7.1

some says that I need Crosswalk (not sure what it does) but i’m trying

Crosswalk didn’t help

Read this: https://developers.google.com/web/tools/chrome-devtools/remote-debugging/ to see how to use Chrome to inspect your code.

You hopefully will get more useful errors.

Thank you
I’m taking a look

Found this error in the console log


seems that is something related to polyfills ad web-animations-js

I’m going to blindly guess that you might benefit from installing @angular/animations.

in addition or instead of ?


If you don’t already have it in package.json.