Iframe in ionic app



I have implemented paytm payment gateway in my ionic (hybrid) app by using web page in ifame and given the callback url on my server,after that i am getting response from server and its working fine.But my question is that when i click on paytm cancel link ,itz open a new ionic app window by default . How can i remove this page or open it in side iframe. Have you any idea?it would be a great help to me.


Hey instead of iframe use in appbrowser plugin. It will take care of all this things


But inappbrowser we can only open get type url but we can’t post form data inappbrowser or we can’t set a form target to a inappbrowser. How can we set a form target Inappbrowser like iframe ?


go through this link http://stackoverflow.com/questions/34342172/post-a-form-in-a-new-window-inappbrowser-in-ionic-cordova. There is a paytm plugin https://github.com/poojashah511/PayTM-PhoneGap-Plugin but i think it is outdated . If the first inappbrower link does not help than share your app url so i can debug it or share the sample code for it.