Iframe hammer JS pan, delayed when clicked other div


I’ve been stuck on this problem for the past 2 days.

I have 1 iframe with a map on it where you can pan around and click stuff.

I then have a settings div which goes above it when called for with a container that covers upp the entire screen and used as a closing feature ( when you click it, the settings view is closed ).

However, after you’ve closed it the map stops working for what I suppose 300-400 ms, you have to tap it to be able to pan again.

I can not seem to get this to work correctly and it’s driving me pretty crazy, does the div take the iframe out of focus? Or is this just a one time bug that is here to piss me off…

It works a bit better on android however, but very bad in iOS. My solution works perfectly in the browser.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what I can try?

Solved by updating the iframe map everytime I close any other window.