Iframe and cookies

Hi all,

I’ve made an app which contains an iframe to show some content from our server. The src url of the iframe points to a webpage that will only be displayed if a cookie can be set. For some reason this does not work on (some) Android devices.

Can I do something to make this work?

thanks for your help,

need that anwser also :confused:

my idea is simple: use a iframe to show a mobile version of the website. but the website has a login feature, since no cookies - no php session’s

any toughts ?


Yes. Don’t use iframe.

do you have any other solution ?

Hello, may be you can see whitelist plugin


Hello, did you solve this?, I have a similar situation, and I need to save the login and information.

It’s hard to know if what I’m going to say is relevant to something “similar” to a rather vague thread in the first place, but let’s say you have an existing website that allows users to log in, and you want to bring some of this same functionality to an Ionic app.

My advice would be as follows:

Do not attempt to embed the existing website UI. Instead, emulate it. Collect username and password using a form in your Ionic app, and submit it directly to wherever the website login does, using the same protocol.