If with boolean data types

Hello pals. I left you this issue. It’s easy to understand but it has me lock…

they are defined to be booleans but seems to be strings. Where are these initialized?

I initialized them on constructor

private strapi: StrapiService,
private storage: StorageService,
private barcodeScanner: BarcodeScanner,
private common: CommonService,
private navCtrl: NavController,
private router: Router,
) {
this.segmentModel = ‘user’;
this.btnUpShow = false;
this.isOwner = false;
this.isDriver = false;

On declaration they are clearly boolean. I don’t know how they look like strings.

Oops, it looks like that on the code above I assigned a string…LOL

so solved? :smiley:

so also for less cleaner code you can replace isOwner === false && isDriver === true with !isOwner && isDriver

I know but I thought this nomenclature was for asking for they are undefined or not. :laughing:

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