If/else to show one feed item vs another (*ngif?)

Obligatory “New to all this statement” here…

Ok, so in my app I’m pulling Feature images and vimeo iframes into my app from Wordpress REST API. I can get both to show up, so that’s not an issue. :+1:

What I’d like to do is ONLY show the Feature Image IF the vimeo video is not fed into the app (i.e. the field is blank in the feed). The video should be the default and the Feature Image is the fallback.

Not at all sure how to structure that. I’ve been looking through angular docs as came across *ngif but I don’t think that’s the right answer.

Fields I’m using are {{selectedItem.vimeo_video}} and {{selectedItem.featured_image_urls.medium}}.

Any help is appreciated!

I think it is. Perhaps you can adapt this post to your situation.