Icons Not Showing




The right names for iOS are ios-list and ios-cloud, i.e. try this way:

<ion-icon name="ios-list"></ion-icon>
<ion-icon name="ios-cloud"></ion-icon>

Or if you want to display the appropriate icons based on the platform then use:

<ion-icon name="list"></ion-icon>
<ion-icon name="cloud"></ion-icon>

For a list with all available icons check out the Ionicons docs page.


hi @lignatov thank you. btw,

how do i set the height of the ion-menu to full height, i tried to add css for it but is not working. :slight_smile:

background: #D3959B;


I’m not really sure, but try with the following CSS:

ion-menu > ion-content {
  background: #D3959B;