Icon no longer works

So a for a few version you could set the same icon for tabs by just setting icon="what-icon-you-want" and everything was awesome. Just noticed that the universal icon attribute no long works and you have to specify icon-on and icon-off independently.

Anyone notice this? I’m using the nightly bundles too.


This works: http://codepen.io/ajoslin/pen/Isokw

However, the interpolation is bugging. Fixing it now, good find.

Pushed as hotfix to v0.9.26

Working with 0.9.26 code: http://codepen.io/ajoslin/pen/vaghJ

Great, thanks for the quick fix @andytjoslin

I had a few more issue I was going through but with the 0.9.26 being release just moments ago, I’ll do some testing and report back if they’re still a problem.