IBM Worklight 6.1 - Ion-tabs not working on iOS

I’ve been working on a project that need tree views: pad, contacts and history. I developed those tree based on ionic-base-tabs starter project from github. It’s working perfectly on Android but when I try on iPhone emulator it shows no content just part of the tabs bar on top, which suppose to be on bottom (see the image below).


I tried to debug and I saw that the content is there but it is behind something that I couldn’t find out what is it.

I’ve been trying to solve it for a week and I didn’t find any clue. I’ll be really glad with any help.

FYI, I’m using Ionic 1.0.0-beta.14 from

Hmm, sounds like theres a bug in your code some where.
Any chance you could replicate this in a codepen or post the code to github?
Can’t do much with out it

I found the problem. I’m using IBM Worklight 6.1 to develop my hybrid app and by default it set the body height to auto on iOS environment. I don’t know why but it mess the layout structure, so I just change the body height to 100hv and it works like a charm, literally.

I’m not sure if we use Cordova or Phonegap it happens too, but it’s a great tip. I’ll look for the proper answer and soon I get I’ll post here. I hope help someone.

@mhartington thanks for replay and sorry for take so long to answer.

Congrats for the great work Ionic Team.