I will give up Ionic

I will find another framework, i cannot build my Ionic V1 at all.

am very bored of the confusion here and anywhere about keeping and running version 1.

I’m not interested in developing with Version 2 at all.

i think that it is because the important topics are resolved for v1, im working with v3 and sometimes is a headache found an answer for the issues

Ionic v1 is stable, the current Ionic CLI 3.9 works very well with it, there are not basic problems.

If you have problems, open a topic and write about it. Include your ionic info output and most important error message, and the community will try to debug and fix this with you.

If you want to leave, that’s fine as well - good luck with whatever you choose to go with.

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Out of curiousity, why don’t you want to change versions? accustomed to v1? v1 is a ‘better’ version? sincerely just curious