I will build you high quality Ionic2 app!

Hello people,

my name is Chris and I live in London. Specialising in creating Ionic2 and Angular2 applications, but I do full stack development as well using NodeJS and .NET stack.

Some of the things I’ve implemented:

  • social media authentication
  • remote push notifications
  • premium subscriptions on Android / iOS
  • Wifi management / Camera / Barcode scanner
  • offline data
  • chat

Some of my work that I have done:


linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/feed/
github https://github.com/ChrisEelmaa

If it’s any interest, do let me know. I’ve been working as a software engineer for long time but did the switch to contracting few months ago and trying to build long term relationships with new people :slight_smile:

I can be reached at chriseelmaa [@] gmail.com.
Thanks, Chris.