I upload my app on host but how can I hide js codes?

I have big problem

when I uploaded my ionic application on host, I surprised when I could see all my js codes !!

How can I hide the codes ?

Every things shown for other developers users !

Please I need help


Use external build path does`t inside code.


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can you learn me the steps?

its my first time to upload websites using angular js, I can’t believe that all users can view my source codes

Your paths visible always, but code inside not.

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So, you mean I should moved the codes to external js, then I make import ?

if you have free time try to write me how to use external build path (if u could)

If u used right click > inspect > source

Every thing there …

Your code inside path source no. (Recommended)
Inside code index yes.

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@_Ali94 a things the code really show to inspect this is normal, but how to use is a question, how to implement this on code, as another webpage is normal inspect to show code source.

Your app host page no will be injured. Ok!

:smiley: :wink:

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