I need to write a large directory book of about 300 pages into an app, given a deadline of one month and still completely clueless

I have a project at office, and am suppose to write a paid directory of about 300 pages into an app.

Things the app should be capable of

  1. It must contain text and images, even large complex tables as used in the directory

  2. The Data should be searchable

  3. It must be organised according to the table of contents of the hard copy.

My boss doesn’t want a simple ebook.

My decision

I have decided I will use JSON locally in the app, which is not my first use case. My big challenge here is how do I organise the data and simultaneously make it searchable… “all these on client side”… And also the navigation using table of contents, will it be nice to go on the side menu or on a page considering good UX.

I know this a lot, but I will appreciate help. Not to loose my Job, thanks