I need help whit my app


hi all first of all thank you for coming into my topic for help me

I need to create an app that can alert the owner who has to take medicine(alarm system)

if the app is closed tell just the same way

I do not get a plugin to help me

I also wanted to take the opportunity to ask if there is a way to make a kind of garbage collector that this app can also add photos and videos to a database and when I do very often the app is closed guess is that fills the cache

if they can help with either of these two questions I would greatly appreciate it

sorry for my English i use google translate for this


Hi, if I understand correctly, your first question is about background mode. Here are some articles that may help:

Second question is about caching or preloading of pictures, right? (to make the app faster) … maybe this is useful:

Hope this helps.