I need a native plugin to request JSON data provided by Google Awareness API

I’d like to program a new app to help blind people to choose their dress according to the actual weather and weather forecast of the day.
This request is not technical question but it’s a wish : I’d like to program a new app to help somebody who need it to do a choice to get dressed. This app could be usefull for blind persons who live alone, and morely for alone persons who doesn’t have allready a bionic eyes, so innovating but so rare ! What is the good choice : will be a sweater, pull-over or coat, will be a skirt or dress, will be sandals or shoes ? How to get dress each morning for a good day ?
This app would request JSON data concerning the weather of the day, provided by Google Awareness API. Unfortunely API is actually only destinated to Android developer… But you probably guess, I want develop this app project with Ionic (Ionic 2).
Is there someone who would like to create this native plugin ? I could acquire it for free obvously, althought if you could develop it to be sold I could study your pricing proposal.

Who can help me ?

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I am also interested in this native plugin since I want to develop an user context based app for events.

Can anyone help us?

Thanks in advance,


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