I have very weird problem when i launch my app for first time

Hi guys. I’m having a very weird problem with my app. The thing is that i have a guard to all my app pages with a service. The guard is based on if you are login or not. The problem is that when you choose to close session the app must send you to the login page because i do “authServices.logout()”, of course i can send you manual to that page but with the guard it send you automatically, the really problem is that when i launch for the first time the app to the device with ionic cordova run android --device it does not send me to the login page, but when i do that and the app is installed on the device it does send me to the login app. I really dont understand why is doing that, I really appreciatte any help, thank in advance

What you describe sounds like a race condition. If you’re not comfortable auditing your code for race conditions, the bad news is that they are very hard to diagnose piecemeal, so if you need assistance with this, it is likely to be much more productive for everybody involved if you can provide public access to the source for the entire app (or at least a complete slimmed-down MCVE).

Thanks for the quick reply, im not allowed to provide public access to the code but i will check what you tell me about race condition. Thank very much