I have created an app using Ionicframework and codeigniter


I have created an app using Ionicframework and codeigniter(seems to be not working in mozilla firefox)

I tested in mozilla but there it is not working. Why ?


Awesome. For the alpha version we’ve only been focusing on webkit, but it is on our roadmap to fully support Firefox too.


Hi Adam,

when will ionic be availabe for Gecko? I wasn’t able to find a roadmap. And in which ways it won’t work in Gecko? I need to make my app for Firefox so any advice on that direction would be awesome.


There is no specific timeline yet for Firefox. We do have a FirefoxOS phone and plan on testing for that in the future, but for now we’re shooting to get iOS and Android working great first.


Ionic looks like the next great thing, still firefox/IE support is crucial. Your goals are clear, but it will be great to know when to expect support for those browsers as well.