I have a query regarding api call and updating data dynamically?

I am making a manga reader and i have a api from where i fetch data from , what i want to ask is how can i auto update new chapters for a particular manga as they are updated on the api. right now i fetch the whole list of chapters and store them in the array to show it to the user , what i want to do is whenever a new chapter is released i want a badge that gets updated to the amount of chapters released at that time. Do i need to put my function inside set interval that keeps firing a get command to the api ? wont this cause performance issue ? any thoughts and help is welcome

Try to call the api in ionViewWillEnter() {}. By this the user will see the update evrytime the user enters that page

This sounds like the sort of thing push notifications were designed for.

thnx :slight_smile: that solved my doubt.

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yep push notifications are indeed a necessity here. thnx for the answer