I have a problem working with worklight and ionic


Hi community!

I have been working with IBM Worklight Foundation 6.2 and Ionic framework (1.0.0-beta.13), but I have a problem, when I use the directive ‘ion-nav-view’, $stateProvider and $urlRouterProvider to load views, every time I tray to reload the page, the DOM looks different, for example, the first time it shows some elements, the second time maybe it does not show anything, and the result can be different each time I reload the page.

I’m bootstraping Angular after the Worklight initialization (wlCommonInit()) based on http://mobileroly.blogspot.com/2014/04/using-angular-js-and-ionic-on-ibm.html

The same code, outside the Worklight server (served on a basic http server), works like a charm.

I want to know if there is a compatibility problem with Worklight and ionic or this problem is only with this directive. I hope you can help me.

Thanks all!


I’m seeing something similar here. Have you found a solution for your problem?
Mind to share? (it’s difficult to find other people using ionic on worklight)