I can't make sense for Ionic nightly

Hi, I’m developing prototype product with wonderful ionic framework.
But, I’ve faced to some problem.
When I use the “collection-repeat” attribute, I’ve got a bellow error.
“collection-repeat expected attribute collection-item-height to be a an expression that returns a number”.
The solution is trying to “nightly CDN” build from git-hub

So, I just changed to be “nightly CDN” so It’s working now.
I’ve knew that “nightly CDN” as same as “ionic.bundle.js”(basically installed).
Did I know an wrong concept???

And, for actual product(not prototype), which way do you usually use?

The installed ionic.bundle.js is NOT same as the nightly build files.

Daily (or often) Ionic team adds new features, fix bugs and push them to the nightly build. Later they package those and make a official release which you get via Ionic NPM update.

I believe you are using Native Scrolling. The earlier version had some issues on collection-repeat for native scrolling. The issue was fixed in nightly build. So only when using it fixes your issues.

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Came to know a new fact.
Thanks for your reply.