I am not able to contact rest API after build from AppFlow

Hello everyone. I have a problem with my ionic application. In fact, I use AppFlow with a paid package. I can normally generate the apk.
I could even create an automatisation for the generation of the apk after a commit on the main branch.
The problem I have right now is that I can not attack the API from the mobile.
By cons when I build manually locally from my command line, I can successfully attack the API.

I specify that I make the buils on appFlow in release mode.
How would I be able to consume API resources properly?

Ionic Version 3

That usually happens when your server certificates are not properly configured.
While in development, Cordova ignores certificate errors, but on release builds the code to ignore the errors is not executed.

I do not think that’s the concern. The API is hosted in on a server and accessible via an ip address ex: http: //192.162
When I build the application with my machine it consumes the API resources properly. But with appflow I do not know why I can not attack the API.
NB: I use version 3 of ionic