I am new in Ionic and need help navigating some methods

As you can see in picture 1 I have two pages. The page “visitenkarte” and the page “qr-scanner”. In “qr-scanner” there are certain methods I want to have in my “visitenkarte.page.html”. What do I have to do, to get this done? I have tried all the tutorials available on Youtube, no success. If you need code snippets let me know. Thanks in advance for your help.

Apologies for the fact that this is going to sound like a pretty harsh answer, especially for your first post here, but:

No, there aren’t.

Now, what there may be are methods that you want to call from both of those pages. And if that’s indeed the case, you want to abstract them out into a service provider that is injected by each page. Follow the idioms described in tour of heroes 4.

Another possibility is that qr-scanner doesn’t really want to be a page, but rather an embeddable component. For that one, turn the page back to chapter 3.

No that was not a harsh answer xD. I thank you for this answer, it definitely helps me. Now I know that it is not possible and try to go another way. Thank you ver much.