Huge DB (40 000 entrie) performance on Android IOS


my needs :

  • store 40 000 products, 5 fields, the bigger is a string 100 chars max.
  • update products once a week (no live sync needed)
  • quickly find and update one product.

I have already tested a json approach but i had memory lleaks and the ipad version became really unstable. (Maybe bad code ?)

i tried PouchDb intialized with a json but it tooks like 15 mins to insert 30 000 products on a HTC m7 and i need to test it on a Ipad 1 wich is, i think really slower.

I have serached for othrer possibilities, but i don’t have much time to do benchmarks.

Do you know a good alternative ?
Did you havec faced the same scenario and have a good solution ?

Thank you