Hub like App

Hello there Ionic community! I’ve been using the framework to develop Apps for a medium/large enterprise (1250 employees). I’ve been asked in the last meeting if a “Hub like App” is possible. Basically what they want is an app that has feed from both apps(and some special events would have its news on that ‘bigger’ app) and should have a button to open the other 2 apps if they’re installed on the device or open each app’s store page. My google searches have been pretty useless, haven’t found much on the subject (maybe “hub” is not the right word). A 3rd App is going to be built one way or another, as those ‘special events’ don’t relate to first 2 apps.
Here are my first thoughts after the meeting:
It would be a good way to make people from one App to start using the other one.

Users don’t like having ‘too many apps’.
Bigger App would be slightly harder to maintain.
Push notifications would probably end up repeating.
Do you think it makes any sense to develop such App? Should I propose to develop it as a ‘standalone’ App? Are there any plugins or Apps that operate in such way?
Thanks everyone.