Http request not starting at all[SOLVED]


i have an external url for my view have a form i have an username and a password.i use ng-model so i can pass them in the post request.
my problem is that the request doesn’t appear in dev tools.i tried with Fiddler and i got nothing from it too.nothing
here’s the code of the view

    <label for="field1"><span>nom d'utilisateur:</span>    <div class="loginform"><input type="text"  class="input-field" name="field1" value="" ng-model="username" /></div></label>
           <label for="field2"><span>mot de passe:</span><div  class="loginform"><input type="password" class="input-field" name="field2" value="" ng-model="password" /></div></label>
         <div class="boutonlogin">
            <button class="button button-full button-energized button-small" ng-click="submit()">Connexion</button>
            <b><center>si vous n'avez pas de compte,veuillez vous s'enregistrer</center></b>
             <div class="boutonlogin">
             <button class="button button-full button-energized button-small"  ng-click="modal.hide()" ng-href="#/signup/{{flag}}">s'enregistrer</button>


the code of the controller

//login controller----------------------------------------
    var loginServiceUrl = '';

var loginServiceData = {
    email: username,
    senha: password
$, loginServiceData).
then(function (res){

the request isn’t fired at all.and i don’t know why really.
thank you