$http request and $q

I have been on ionic for two months now, I thought I understand what $q and $http do, but now I am really confuse.

My problem now is I keep getting objects as my return values, and when I pass them to the main controller. What I get is [Object Object] when initially one object pre array. Also how do I get information back from that.

Also can someone explain how that has happened? because I have same problem with other area as well, when I was clear pass in an array and it turns into [Object Object].

Thank you in advance.

Can you post a codepen sample ?
What is inside that object that you get as return value ?
use JSON.parse(object_that_was_returned) to see what is inside that object

Hi Dbms,

sorry to reply so late, actually I found out why. I turned my objects to string when I printed it out. Thank you.