$http post works with little data, but with a lot of data does not work


My application in android device works fine when send for my webservice little data, but dont work with lot of data.
It’s all right with my webservice, when I send a lot of data using my Browser or the Chrome Advanced Rest Client Application application works.

Apparently the problem is the size of data sent.

Any suggestions?


Hmmm, there could be post size restrictions on the server and or the phone. Can you capture the exact size of the request your sending, the android type, and what kind of server/back end are you using?

One possibility that I recently ran into with larger data is that the request timed out also. See if you can extend the timeout period in case on the mobile device it is taking too long to send or get the data.


Probably the problem is sending a lot of data for the android device for Cross-Domain server. When sending the same amount of data to the local server works. And when sending large data using the chrome extension for Cross-Domain Server also works.
I modified the timeout did not work.

An example of the error:
Using the android device when sending items 5 “A” works, but when sending items 6 “A” does not work.
When I use the chrome extension works with 6 items.