Http Call going into pending state most of the time

Hi Everyone,

I am facing an issue the http get call going into pending state, basically i am hitting the server for that http get call after every 5 seconds, that call getting latitude and longitude from server and rendering map based on those lat lng. The problem is call every time goes into pending state and making queue of calls because that call have to be called after every 5 seconds, one call stuck the others all dependent to that the reason is javascript is a single threaded language, which will wait for a call to complete and run next when previous completed.

Kindly guide me How to debug that problem.


So you are hitting a server with a call every 5 seconds. If one of these calls takes longer than 5 seconds, all following calls have to wait for the first one to finish. Correct?

Which problem are you looking help for?

i am looking, how to resolve this pending status because Google maps could not rendered when call goes into pending state. basically, i am adding marker on google map after every five seconds but when it become pending nothing happen on map, that will be bad user experience.