HTML5 video controls disappear on iOS


I’ve got local video files to playback using HTML5 video tags but when I test them out on iOS Simulator and on my iPad, the controls are not present, just get a big play button in the middle of picture and it goes fullscreen mode when playing (even though I have included playsinline attribute.

Thankfully when it does go fullscreen mode, there are native controllers to use, but not really optimal. When testing the app in my browser, the default video controls are there and video plays inline.

Does this have something to do with Apple not respecting the native HTML5 video controllers and wanting to implement their own version of the video player once a video file has been detected?


Actually this just seems to be an issue on the iOS emulator. When playing on the iPad device, it isn’t an issue and the video plays inline. Issue I have now is pushing in the video poster value. When testing, the browser doesn’t interpolate the variable before view is rendered and comes back with a 404 error saying it can’t locate ‘movie.poster.jpg’ value but then it works and displays. Have tested on iPad device and no issues either but the error message still tickles the back of the mind.