HTML select infinite repeat

Hi, i’m stuck on a little problem.
I would like a thing like when the user answer a question in a questionnaire, this question pop infinitly until the user stop answer it.

I would like a thing like that for create a medication historic.

I give you a screen of the questionnaire:

And the sample of my code I would like to be infinite:

      <ion-label>{{ 'PREVISIT_safe_medication' | translate }}</ion-label>
      <ion-select [(ngModel)]="thatu3" (ionChange)="moreSafeMedication()" multiple>
        <ion-option *ngFor="let safedrug of safedrugs">{{safedrug}}</ion-option>
    <ion-row align-items-center *ngIf="safeMedOk">
      <ion-col col-6>
        <ion-datetime displayFormat="MMM YYYY" [(ngModel)]="startSafeMedic"></ion-datetime>
      <ion-col col-6>
        <ion-datetime displayFormat="MMM YYYY" [(ngModel)]="endSafeMedic" (ionChange)="pop1()"></ion-datetime>

Thank you for your time !