How would I go about bridging PublicKeyCredential in Android

Since WebView does not support PublicKeyCredential how would I go about bridging in Android?

Is there an example plugin I can copy from?

I have taken the first steps and produced GitHub - darkedges/capacitor-webauthn: capacitor webauthn

There is a test ui at GitHub - darkedges/capacitor-webauthn-ui: capacitor webauthn ui

Not perfect at the moment, base functionality to get the initial request working. Works with Web, but fails with Android. Android is based on the following project Your First Android FIDO2 API  |  Google Codelabs

Android, shows an intent of a white screen and then rerturns back to the app. Not sure how to debug, but will keep working on it.

Figured out the issue, my .well-known/assetlinks.josn was on the root of my domain i.e when it needed to be on the app domain Once that was resolved the intent displayed correctly. I can now finish off the rest of the work to get it going for Android

Hi there! I implemented the passkeys package as it is in the Codelab Learn how to simplify auth journeys using Credential Manager API in your Android app  |  Google Codelabs from Google. I’m having important issues with the authentication operation, which can take up to 5 seconds and I don’t know why. Did you run into something like this?