How to write/create custom components in ionci

I need to create customised arch which performs animation… How can i achive it

to generate a component see here

To Fill this component with live see some tutorials like or … for ionic 4 and webcompinets search for related tutorials.

For animation you can use angular/animation or any other js/ts animation libary or css based animations.

Maybe you do not need a custom component and your needs can fullfilled with ionics or any other ui framework, but in this case you must be more specific.

Best regards, anna-liebt

  1. Generate Component using command “ionic g component COMPONENT_NAME”.
    A new directory will be created of name “components” where you will find a file “components.module.ts”.

  2. Make sure your component name is in “declarations” and “exports”. In “components.module.ts” file.

  3. Include “ComponentsModule” in “imports” array of “app.module.ts”.

  4. Include “ComponentsModule” in “imports” array of “.module” file of page. in which you want to use component.

Now you can easily include your custom component in html like “”