How to work with "RTL" Ionic-React latest version

I’m working on the Ionic React app in which currently the i18next library is used for language and only en is used. Each screen has its own ts class for translation which is only supported en for now. I want to integrate localization on it for Arabic also. What would be the flow for it? I can also add ar translation in the same ts class of translation with ar key, which contains translations key and all (key, values) with the same keys of translations used in en.

I want to know how would it convert from LTR to ‘RTL’ on runtime? I have found 2 ways of doing this like

1- We can add dir=“RTL” on the main HTML tag and convert it on runtime when changing effects.
2- We can add dir=“RTL” on tag.

Detailed here please check: How to use RTL (right-to-left) in Ionic 5

How would It behave on runtime? Please guide me would I need to restart the app to make an effect of the translation?