How to work with Bluetooth? (and GeoLocation)

I have an Ionic app under development, which uses the Geolocation plugin. Currently it works fine.

I’d like to increase the accuracy of the GPS by introducing a third-party Bluetooth GPS receiver.

I haven’t worked much with Bluetooth before, so not sure how the process works. I’ve seen the following examples.
This seems to get the data and write to a CouchDB before retrieving location. Is that necessary?

Bluetooth Serial
For retrieving serial data from Bluetooth

So from what I understand, in the app,

  1. I need to scan for a Bluetooth receiver,
  2. If a receiver is available, pair, get serial data and process it (?)
  3. If a receiver is not available, then fallback to geoLocation API.

Is that the way to work with Bluetooth or is there an alternative way?


i am also looking for the same if you get the answer please let me know