How to view extra data in Ionic Monitor?

I’m trying Ionic Monitor to store runtime erros from my app.

In documentation there are some methods that provide a default handler for a Javascript Error and a option to include extra informations.

I have a code like this:

        Pro.getApp().monitoring.exception(err, { error_id: "123456789" });

The error appear in Ionic Pro Dashboard, however, the extra field (error_id) is dont’ show anyplace.

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Is this working yet for you? I contacted Ionic a couple of weeks back (@maxlynch1) about this issue and was told a fix for this was due.

Until the last test I was not working.

I tried to contact twitter but I still have no feedback.

Same Issue.
Please Fix it :wink:
Hotfix is to put the Data in the Error string:

Pro.getApp().monitoring.exception("Error Message error_id= ‘123456789’ ", { error_id: “123456789” });


+1 Really need this right now

I’m getting the extra field

{ level: ‘info’ }

via email, but not in the dashboard. Is anyone else even getting it via email?

same for me
I’m getting the extra field only in Mail.
(level: error)

An offhand thought, would

.monitoring.exception(err + ‘error_stack: ‘ + err.stacktrace)

Or some variation of that do the trick in the meantime? I’m not by my pc at the moment, but, if the road leads to Rome…


(err + JSON.stringify({error_id : ‘message’}))

very frustrating - see more in this thread

Yeah. I’m trying to see the bright side, and there is one. It’s a cool feature. But it is frustrating to a degree that it doesn’t work as advertised and the lack of communication from official channels is a little disappointing.

That’s not typical of Ionic, so I must imagine they’re equally as frustrated trying to solve the issue on their end. Regardless, I hope it gets resolved for the sake of those who are really counting on it. I can take it or leave it at this point, and am just viewing it as a work in progress