How to verify that the push notification was received on the phone


I implement push notification using ionic/cloud-angular from this article
In my app i need to implement next logic:

  1. My server sent to phone device push notification throught http method “
  2. If phone device don’t recieve this push notification in 5 minutes (for exemple phone has not internet now), then my server send sms to this phone

My problem - when i push notification i get NotificationID. But in phone device in method msg has not propperty with NotificationID.

            .subscribe((msg) => {
                alert(msg.title + ': ' + msg.text);                

I want in this method tell my server, that phone device recieve this NotificationID.
So, how can i realize my logic?

PS.I also try get notification status by http, but in documentation says
We have delivered the message to the appropriate device provider (APNs, GCM, etc) and did not encounter any immediate errors. This does NOT indicate a message was received on the device.


Please, i need help with this question


You could add in an extra custom data field that you push with the notification, then in your app apply your custom logic to that. You could also attach a function when receiving a message, which triggers a function that does whatever you want.


Can you get an example?
I try this

And when i debug in PushMessage in additionalData i have not OrderID field.
See picture:


i get the good result with this:

Thank you