How to use the sidemenu starter?

Would you please have any link to show me how to use the sidemenu starter feature?
I don’t understand how to call pages from the entries of the menu.
Do my pages need to be in the folder Folder? I hope & guess that no…
Do I need to rewrite in each pages the tags to display the menu? I hope & guess that no…
Thanks for reading so far :slight_smile:regards,

Might I suggest starting with the blank template and explore working with it and navigation first. Get an understanding of one the simpler template before making the leap to the sidemenu, which is probably the most complex.

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Thanks a lot for your very quick answer.
I already managed a good start of my application using the tab feature but realized that three tabs were not enough. Then I jumped into the sidemenu, re"injected" my pages & services but I need now to reconnect all that stuff to the menu…
An basic existing app using this sidemenu feature would help me a lot to realize these connections…

Good! Go look at the Ionic Conference app as a reference. it is available on Github.

Thanks a lot, I’ll check & come back to you… :+1:

Great, it’ll help me a lot ! It was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks !
Question still linked to this topic, how did they create subfolders to the folder pages? When I create a new page it always creates a folder in parallel of the folder/pages one… :thinking:

Replying to myself: drag and drop in Visual Studio Code of the folders created by the ionic g page directly under the folder “folder” created by the sidemenu feature does the job perfectly.
Thanks a lot ChrisGriiffith ! :+1: