How to use relational DB in an Ionic 2 [RC0+] app


Hi, my question is really simple.
I have the necessity of using a conventional relational DB in my Ionic 2 (last version as of today) app.
From what i’ve seen most of the plugins available use key -> value paradigm but I’m afraid that won’t do for me.
I was wondering whether that’s possible and if so how.
Also, are ther any drawbacks to such an approach?
Thanks for your answers.


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This interests me too. At the moment I use relational-pouch but this has only one way relations.


With this something like:

1 Object contains 1 ObjectList => One-to-one
1 ObjectList contains 0…* Object => One-to-many

isn’t possible in a convenient way.


@moere I’ve just started with relational-pouch and I can’t figure out db.rel.find(type). I can save easily enough with so I’m assuming my schema is correct but I’m not clear how to pull data out. Do you have any suggestions or example code that could help? Thanks.