How to use plugin call number, file,media plugins in ionic 4 with react

I am facing challenge in regard to use call number and file plugins in Ionic 4 with react.
Please help and guide me. Thanks in advance.


Can u describe your use case?


I have run the following commands:

npm install --save call-number
npx cap sync

Now i am trying to import the plugin in my file like this:

import { CallNumber } from ‘@ionic-native/call-number/ngx’;

function Call()
CallNumber.callNumber(“9988…”, true);

and it’s showing me error like:

Module not found: Can’t resolve ‘@ionic-native/core’ in ‘E:\Ionic\myApp\node_modules@ionic-native\call-number\ngx’

try to install @ionic-native/core.

npm i @ionic-native/core

Thanks @Priyanka34

I have installed @ionic-native/core.

But I am unable to use the call-number plugin in Ionic with react.

function Call()
CallNumber.callNumber(“9988…”, true);

and it’s showing me error:

Property ‘callNumber’ does not exist on type ‘typeof CallNumber’.

For this, please share a proper code. So i can find perfect solution fot the same.

Why don’t you just use the native mobile phone from the device?

Having an anchor like the following should do the work and for most parts should be bulletproof.

<a href="tel: {{ }}">{{}}</a>


Please find sample code below …

import { CallNumber } from ‘@ionic-native/call-number/ngx’;

const DemoPage: React.FC = () => {

function Call() 
    CallNumber.callNumber("18001010101", true);

return (
                <IonButtons slot="start">
                    <IonMenuButton />

        	<IonFabButton color="primary" onClick={() => Call()}>


@terranmarine No, I am working on Ionic with react and there are some plugins that were missing for the capacitor such as callNumber, file transfer, media, … so for that I am trying to use the Cordova plugin in the capacitor .

import { CallNumber } from ‘@ionic-native/call-number’;

solved my problem…

Thanks… @Priyanka34 and @terranmarine