How to use ionic deploy with ionic 3?

I have been using this guide( ) when I have been developing apps but now they have removed alot of keywords from the cli I have no idea how to make it work.

What do you mean by that?

Are you referring to the Ionic CLI v3? I think some of the Ionic Cloud functionality has not been added. Double check the release notes. You might want to roll back to the v2 CLI

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How do I roll back to v2?

They removed the package keyword in cli 3, so I cant use ionic package build

It’s a beta. Which means it is not production ready as it doesn’t support all functionality it needs. Like the deploy functionality.

You can just uninstall the beta 3 CLI using npm uninstall -g ionic and install the current 2.2.2 using npm install -g ionic.

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To clarify as well, Ionic 3, Ionic CLI v3 beta, and Ionic Native 3 are 3 separate things.

You can (and probably should) use Ionic 3 without using Ionic CLI v3.