How to use ion-nav-buttons when *not* immediate descendant of the ion-view or ion-nav-bar?

From the docs

Note that ion-nav-buttons must be immediate descendants of the ion-view or ion-nav-bar element (basically, don’t wrap it in another div).

I want to add a button to existing navigation from within a component or directive. Adding a directive/component tag make the element not a direct descendant of ion-view/ion-nav-bar so it’s not working.

For example:

<ion-view title="Search">
    <search-results on-select="$event.product)"></search-results>

inside search-results template:

<ion-nav-buttons side="secondary">
    <button ng-click="$ctrl.openSearchOptionsModal()"></button>

Any way around that? I’m having a hard time figuring out this limitation from the code.

Thanks, Haki.