How to use creator with existing project


I have created an Ionic project some time ago without creator. Is there anyway to use creator to maintain and extend this existing app?


Is this such a difficult question?


I am also interested in this topic. I am looking to sign on as a paid Creator Account but have two existing apps built on the open source framework. Other concern, How is version control handled?


All you need to do for import of the existing project is specify the high-level folder in which the sources of the project are located (including sources in subdirectories) and set some name for the project - the name which Qt Creator will use to display its name. Qt Creator also asks you which files should be included to the project but again, it is simply for the display of sources in the project tree, not for build. Qt Creator uses make tool in the specified build directory by default to build your project but you can override this setting. For example, in the company I work for we have a custom build system and a custom build tool. So when I import some project into Qt Creator, I specify the directory with sources, set some name, specify build directory, override the default make build tool by our custom one, add some include paths to file .includes, if necessary, specify macros in file .config and develop things, that’s just it.