How to use cordova webengage in ionic

i need to implement the 3rd parti plugin webengage that is not the part of the ionic-native ,

i follow many steps from stackoverflow but they don’t work for me.

and now i want to know how to use third parti plugins in ionic 2

Please provide a link to the plugin…

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-webengage

All the steps describe under “Integration” normally should be taken care of a good Cordova plugin itself at installation time… this will probably make it a bit hard with Ionic.

What instructions did you try that didn’t work? Anything specific for Ionic?

Did you look at already?

these steps not working with ionic 2 .
i’m not able to getting the instance of the webengage because ionic 2 app not able to understant what is webengage.engage();

I’m trying to use this like :

platform.ready().then(() => {



How did you import it?

i also want to know how i can import because in ionic 2 we needs to import the plugins from ionic-native before using.

No, usually the Cordova plugins create some global Javascript object you can just use. You only have to declare it with something like declare var window: any; so TypeScript understands that this exists. Looking at the plugin.xml this would be webengage instead of window here.