How to use a serve-path

We use a serve-path when deploying our app on the web. Specifically, our app requires ‘/datadisplay/’ after the domain and port number. To facilitate this, our index.html includes

base href="/datadisplay/"

in the head element and we serve the page locally with

ng serve --serve-path datadisplay

When using Capacitor to build our Android app, the app launches successfully (I see the splash screen), but then displays a blank page, which I associate with it failing to include the serve-path in its URL. If I remove the base href, the app loads properly, but the icons are all missing, since they expect the serve-path to be in their URLs.

I imagine there’s a way to configure Capacitor, or perhaps the IOS and Android apps directly, to use a serve-path, but I haven’t located any documentation for it. Does anyone know how to do this?