How to use a javascript sdk in an existing ionic project?

I’m trying to use disnode_sdk inside my ionic project, and in the tsconfig.json I set “allowJS” to true, but I ran into problems, something like “cannot write file because it would overwrite input file”

This is the folder structure:

And this is the tsconfig.json before adding disnode_sdk:

So where should I put the sdk? and how should I configure my project to avoid errors?

I haven’t used this sdk, so I was curious.

Maybe install it with npm as is written in docs.
Instead of require try to play with
import {'Idonotknow'} from 'path';
path could be ‘@dispatchlabs/disnode-sdk’
Idonotknow could be DisJS.
If you leave Idonotknow blank and path is correct , you get maybe a hint, what is available in this path.
If you use VisualCode, then look to extension that helps importing in a correct way. Maybe you can type then your code and the extension gives you a aleert of the missing import with autofix.

Best regards, anna-liebt

require didn’t pass code linting.
I used import * as xxsdk from ‘path’;
I think the problem is within the tsconfig but I just don’t know how