How to update peer composite components of data change

I have this slider based mobile app.

slides/slide(v-for), and inside slide(each) header/contentcomponent/footer

the view in slide 1 is dependent on data in slide 4 (which can be added/edited/deleted
the view in slide 3 is also dependent on data from slide 4
the view in slide 2 is dependent on data in slide 3

each slide contentcomponent is passed the same data object as a prop, and some view layout data
each slide contentcomponent also provides the modals for add/edit/delete of that data type

now, when one of the slides updates its data, I need the other slides to know, but its a prop source at init time from the slides (top level) component

i have a refresher (pull down) in each content component which works and updates THIS contentcompoent prop, which causes a redraw…

I tried emit to the parent (content to slide, but I don’t see the event arrive at slide component

what is the right approach for this isolated cross component data change notice?

in the short term , I have a service lib that allows elements to register for callbacks
so I setup a registration in each data component, to reset the prop value
and fire it on data update (add/edit/delete)
each component resets its prop and everything refreshes as expected

by changing my data approach to use a store with a reactive state, it works properly.
no more props