How to update or refresh Picker column

Hi, my picker (Ionic 5 Angular), have columns that has relationship each other, i’m using ionPickerColChange event to avoid dependance like so:

picker.addEventListener('ionPickerColChange', async (event: any) => {
let data: PickerColumn = event.detail;
      if ( == "Products") {
        let selectedProduttore: PickerColumnOption = data.options.find(p => p.selected == true);
        let columnProdotti: PickerColumn = this.dependentColumnsGlobal.find(p => == "Products");
        let columnsOptsProdottiUpdated = columnProdotti.options.filter(p => p.value.idSoftwareHouseProvenienza == selectedProduttore.value);
        columnsOptsProdottiUpdated[0].selected = true;
        columnProdotti.options = columnsOptsProdottiUpdated;
        picker.columns[1] = columnProdotti;

My problem is that picker doens’t refresh after i set column. If i close and reopen picker i can see colum update…How to refresh picker? In Ionic 4 there was forceUpdate but in Ionic 5 is deprecated.

I know it’s not the best solution but you can call your presentPicker function again on ionPickerColChange and send the new column values with parameters to presentPicker. I’ll update if I find a better solution.

I have the same issue. Is there any better solution?

Is there any better solution now?